Monday, May 25, 2009


My 17 year old son wrote this for a homework assignment. I thought it was really insightful. It is a brief piece on his thoughts on how to handle adversity.

Rivers are my problems. Every problem
has solutions. I could ride a boat or
Fly an airplane. I choose the long route though.
I face my problems. That makes me better.
So I build a bridge, to the other side.
Each is one step. One step toward what I will
Be. When I am what I will be, you will
look up and say, “What a bridge he
has built!” I have built many bridges.
I have many more to build. Conclusions
Are so simple. I have come to one. All
Rivers lead to bigger rivers. Problems
Lead to bigger problems. Once I cross the
First one, I know that I can cross them all.