Sunday, February 26, 2006


I never really understood Mom. I couldn't figure out why she always never seemed hungry when there was only one piece of pie left. I couldn't understand why she always forgave me when I did something wrong. I couldn't understand why she always believed in my crazy dreams. Why she supported me in everything I did from opening a lemonade stand to moving off to college. Why she comforted when me when I was hurting or scolded me when I was mischievious. Why she showed everybody the pictures of me that I was embarrassed of. Why she stuck by me, her other children, and her husband, no matter what. She followed us to graduation and met us in the Principals office. She stood by her man in prosperity and struggled with him through poverty.

She was a country girl that never had much. She wanted a lot of things she never had, but She never complained. She never had a big fine house or a closet full of expensive clothes. She didn't get to travel much, didn't see hardly any of the world. She never owned a new car or knew what it meant to be financially free. She worked hard every day, 12, 14, and sometimes 16 hour days. From a worldly standpoint, she did not have much to show for it. Unless you consider 5 strong, happy kids, and an enduring love for husband that transcended even death.

The only thing she ever wanted to hear was 4 little words. Mom, I love you. That was more precious than gold to her. It was more valuable than time. God, How I know That Now! Those words fall so cold now. She is not here to hear them. You will face many difficult times in life. You will be down trodden and your heart will be broken. People and events will come and go in your life. You'll get over it soon enough. When Mom is gone, she is gone. There is no replacing her. Get you a daily dose of lifes medicine while you can. If I could prescribe any medicine that will cure your heart, it is this,Take time to hold your Mom. Hold her like you will melt into her. Tell her, Mom, I love you. That is all she wants. That is all you will ever really need from this world. Being able to that is more precious than gold and more valuable than time. For her. For you.

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