Sunday, February 04, 2007

How do you define your personal mission?

What is your personal mission. That is a great question and one well worth exploring. First of all we have to figure out what a mission is. To me a mission is what defines your life. It is your purpose in life. Many people claim lofty missions in life. They give verbal commitment to some pretty important causes. However, many times peoples actions are not in line with their claims. Have you ever met people that claim to be very devout religiously, but, are rarely seen in church. More importantly, their actions are not compatible with their claims. Many people claim to put family first, but spend the majority of their time trying to earn more money or get a pay raise. In my way of thinking your mission is defined by your actions. Simply put, your everyday actions prove the purpose of your life.
Take a little time to think about this. How do you really want people to think of you. What do you want people to say about you. Now and in the future. Try to take small steps today and everyday here after to live your life in pursuit of that purpose. Small steps eventually lead to great distances. Before you know it, your life will begin to take on a whole new meaning. You will have defined your mission in life. Your actions will be in line with your claims and your desires. You will be living a life of greater purpose.

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